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Sunday 17 October 2021

National assembly delegations left Kabul for Russia to attend in IPU

The national assembly delegations leading by secretary of Wolesi Jirga Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost with participation of some parliamentary lawmakers left Kabul yesterday to participate at the 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly at the city of Saint Petersburg Russian Federation.

The visit was escorted by some parliamentary lawmakers such as Mrs. Zahra Tokhi Zabuli , Mrs. Aziza Jalis, Abdul Satar Darzabi, Qutratullah Sahak and Hashim Mehdawi   including head of commissions for Upper House Abdul Latif Zhawndon  and Abdul Latif Nahzat.

The national assembly delegations spoke about important issues including propagation of cultural pluralism and peace via dialog among the religious and tribes, international terrorism and extremism, regional security, strengthening of ties among the member’s countries and permanent extension goals.  

Likewise, the Lower House of Parliament secretary Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost asserted that peace is the great and important demands of human even it is sufficient bed for consolidation of mass relations in humanity society.

The Afghan national assembly delegations meanwhile suggested for establishment of exclusive committee in order to solution of security challenges in borders, serious struggle against terrorism including addressing of terrorism activities by cooperation of security organs and international organizations.

Enhancing of capacity building of youths in different fields of political, social, cultural and economic was another important issue which was pointed by Afghan delegations and they  emphasized for pave the ground of youth’s participation in political fields and Inter-Parliamentary dialogs.

Overall in the summit, the Afghan delegations stressed for countries that supported terrorism and urged support, equipment and training of terrorism should be stopped by their supporters and they should play their role for changing of region and world condition.

In the meeting, both sides discussed in relation to eager issues including the National Unity Government (NUG) achievements, peace process and cooperation in the course of anti-terrorism, human rights challenges including anti-corruption and drug.

In the sideline of the summit, the Afghan national assembly delegations besides attending at the plenary sessions met separately with the England, Swedish, Chine and Canada   parliamentary delegations.

Overall in the meeting, Afghan parliamentary representatives thanked for aforementioned countries’ support and aids in the different fields to Afghanistan and hoped for further cooperation of them in the course of equipment and training of security sector.

Likewise, the delegations of aforementioned countries emphasized for continuation of their permanent cooperation in different fields to Afghanistan.

In a separate meeting with the England and Chine parliamentary delegations the Afghan representatives emphasized that they should enforce on Pakistan to cooperate Afghanistan honestly in peace process and elimination of terrorism hideouts at the Pak borders.

At the same time, in a separate meeting with the Canada parliamentary delegation discussion took place in relation to declination of Afghan diplomats’ immigration documents, Afghan representatives  demanded from Canadian delegation to  reject Afghan diplomats files after termination of their duties in order to come back Afghanistan.

Beside attending IPU summit, General Secretaries of Parliament Khudai Nazar Nusrat and Sayed Hafiz Hashimi attended at the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, discussion took place and presented their views about issues that was before in agenda meanwhile they voted for the seat of chairman and deputy in result both of them elected from New Zealand.

Translator: Mustafa Akrmai, October 14, 2017