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Sunday 17 October 2021


Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost Biography

Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost

Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost son of Jan Muhammad Khan was born 1976(1355) in Kabul city.


Over 15 years of proven experience in Afghanistan Politics, Public relation, Youth Organizations, Government’s Ministries, Development Agencies, UN agencies and Parliament. 

Exceptional interpersonal communication skills acquired through several years of experience working with all levels of Management and Leadership.  

Background Education

1995- Ali Ahmad Khan Popal High School, Kabul Afghanistan

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Maiwand University, Kabul Afghanistan

Master of Human Resources and Management (HRM) Preston University, Canada

Diploma Supply Chain Management Toronto Canada

Language Skills:

Pashto, Dari, English, Urdu and Arabic

Formal Duties

Current duty: Secretary General of Afghan Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) based on President’s extraordinary decree on 2019(1398).

2013-2019:  People representative in Wolesi Jirga (Constituency Kabul province)

20017- Secretary of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament), in 16th legislative term.

2014- Chairman for International Relation Commission of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) in 16th legislative term.

2011-2012- Director of Business Licensing Department for Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

2010-2011- Responsible for monitoring of liquid gas and petroleum for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

2009-2010    Director of (CDOPA) Capacity Development Org for People of Afghanistan.

2007-2008 - Senior Advisor for Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, Islamic Republic Afghanistan

2007 - Director of Sport and Physical Education for the Deputy Ministry of Youth, Information and Culture, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

During to his tenure as people representative in Lower House of Parliament, Abdul Qader Zazai have formal traveled to foreign countries and played positive role as represent of Afghan Wolesi Jirga in those countries.

Social Activities

2010   Protocol Director of National Consultative Peace Jirga

2009   Provincial Deputy Director of Youth in Presidential Election

2007   Advisor for Relation Department of Pak - Afghan Peace Jirga

2007   Founder and Member of Board for the first Afghan Youth Assembly

2007   Moderator and responsible head of first Afghan National Youth Conference

2007 Advisor of National Youth Program for Deputy Ministry of Youth, Information and Culture and seven UN agencies

2007   Member of Young Leader Forum (YLF) a Foundation by (FES) German Org

2004   Chief observers of Presidential Election.

2003-2004 Assessment responsible and cooperator for secretariat general of Afghan constitution.

-          Representative of Afghan Youth at the United Nations Youth Parliament, New York City.

-          Founder and chief of foundation for soldier (Sarbaz) in order to probe for soldiers’ problems in the country.

-          Zazai had effort more in the course of investment for youth’s spiritual and material parts, he says: youth are the national investment and major part of the community.

National and International Conferences

1.    Head of Delegation Lower House at Youth Parliaments – Ottawa, Canada

2.    Head of Delegation Lower House at Global Parliamentary Conference – St Petersburg Russia

3.    Head of Delegation Lower House at Parliamentary Security Conference Russia

4.    Head of Delegation Lower House Central Asian Parliamentary Unions Astana Kazakhstan

5.     Participating member SAARC Parliamentarians – Maldives

6.    Participating member CPO – Washington DC USA

7.    Head of delegation Lower House Middle East and regions 33 countries Parliaments Conference – Tehran Iran

8.    Participating member of Tripartite meeting of Norway, Afghanistan and UNHCR in Norway Oslo

9.    Participation in First ever Conference of Youth Experts and awarded as an active expert young of 2008 awarded

10.  Head of delegation in Youth International Symposium Goa, India

11.  Member of UN Youth Fourth Assembly in New York, USA

12.  Organizer of National Youth Conference – a joint program of National Youth of Ministry of Information and Culture and 7 UN agencies  

-          Head of delegation Lower House in International summit of Inter-Parliamentary Union(IPU)

-          Envoy for secretary generals  of Lower House in International Conference of the secretary generals for the Inter-parliamentary Union(IPU)

-          Secretary generals envoy of Lower House

-          Wolesi Jirga’s secretary general’s envoy in International Conference of the secretary generals for Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

Other Activities  

Founder and Member of (AYS) Afghan Youth Society

Founder and Head of (CDOPA) Capacity Enhancement Org for People of Afghanistan

Founder and Head for Voice of People Parliamentary Group (Sadayee Mardom)

Founder and Head of Sarbaz Foundation (Soldier Foundation)

Currently, Abdul Qader Zazai is secretary general of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament), and widespread changes have been created since Zaizai’s tenure in secretariat general of house. For instance:  Zazai’s positive activity in combat on corruption, procurements reforms, formations reforms, change of employees’  attendance to electronic system, creation of electronic system for  MPs voting,  preventing from free spends, access to information by Media in particular time and pave the ground  of trip in order to  enhancing of capacity  of staffs.

 Email: Qaderzazy@gmail.com

Telephone number: (0782) 10-20-10