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Saturday 25 January 2020


Mohammad Akbari personal life

Mohammad Akbari son of Ghulam Aidar was born in 1324 at Waras district of Bamyan province.

Current add: Kabul

Education degree: PHD in Islamic

Work experience:  as a  Instructor for training of  Islamic subjects in Panjab and Waras districts in 1354- 1357, as a active  person  in Jihad against the soviet union invade, active  presence in Afghanistan, member of  Islamic unity party and  even director in Islamic unity party for central council of Bamyan province and finally as a people deputy in lower house.

Publications: Jihad and resistance memories is under the print

 Marital state: married

Electoral district: Bamyan province

Job title: member of disables, bereaved and martyrs commission

Contact no: 0799396391