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Sunday 23 February 2020

Name: Kubra Mustafawe daughter of Sayed Ahmad was born in 1968 in Madan Wardak province. She is originally from Jalraiz district and lives in Kabul. She is married and has four sons and three daughters, names Mariam, Mehdia, Mehadsah, Sayed Tahair, Muhammad, Mustafa, Yasir.

Employment: MP at the National Assembly, Member of the Commission on National Economy

Cell phone: 078041049-0799534664 

Education: Bachelor in Culture and Education from Jamath- Al- Mustafa, and Master in Political Science from Islamic Republic of Iran’s Azahad University   

Experience: Expert on Islamic Education, Instructor of Political Science and Gnomon, Deliver of many Academic articles, and Director of Foundation of the Prophet Charity

Member of National Solidarity Party from 1389 to 1395

Member of Atamade Parliamentary Group

Spokeswoman of the House of People’s Women Unification Group from 1395 to 1397

Member of the Islamic Countries Leadership

Nominee for the House of People for 1379 Parliamentary Election