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Friday 20 April 2018

Ghafari Elects as Second Deputy Speaker of Wolesi Jirga

Lawmaker Nehmatullah Ghafari was elected as second deputy chairman of Wolesi Jirga(Lower House of Parliament), after obtaining of majority votes in an open voting.

The session was held under the chairmanship of Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, while a number of women lawmakers’ called  for appointment of a woman in the second seat of Wolesi Jirga, but Ibrahimi called such demands  opposite to the domestic duties of Wolesi Jirga.


During the administrative board elections nearly 130 parliamentary lawmakers were present and Ghafari gained majority votes in an open voting.

Administrative board elections started in National Assembly Monday where lawmakers Muhammad Nazir Ahmadzai and Nehmatullah Ghafari were candidates for the seat of second deputy of Wolesi Jirga.

Second deputy of house Nehmatullah Ghafari while obtained majority votes in an open voting, expressed his gratitude and pleasure for lawmakers’ confidence and said, honesty and true responsibility is part of mission of all lawmakers in house.

Overall, chairman of house Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi while was thanking for Ahmadzai activities over the last six months, emphasized for maintaining of national unity in nation house(Wolesi Jirga.


Likewise, Ibrahimi pointed out in relation to Hoot twenty four uprising of Herat people and was called a potential action against despotic regime on that time.

Overall in the sideline of today’s session, lawmaker Muhammad Nahim Lalai Hameedzai who was candidate for the seat of first deputy of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) in administrative board elections criticized  for voting process and emphasized for investigation of his case in this regard.

Translator: Mustafa Akrami, March 14, 2016