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Thursday 23 January 2020


Mohammad Haref Rahmani personal life

Mohammad Haref Rahmani son of Khudad was born in 1353 at Qara Bagh district of  Ghazni province.

Current add: Kabul province

Education: Bachelor in Islamic culture and PHD in general law

Work experience: 1382- 1383  editor in chief  of Fajri Omid weekly, Armani Milli deputy chief  1383- 1384, member for science and culture foundation,  senior advisor for Haj and ministry and finally as representative in lower house.

Publications: strategic glance for house, family in Islam and hundreds articles.

Marital state: married

Constituency: Ghazni province

Desirous and hobby: sport, study, old Farsi poems

Contact no: 0700277508/ 0785100249

Email: ar.rahmani2011@gmail.com