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Saturday 25 January 2020

Ibrahimi attends at 1st counter terrorism conference, connection of regional countries

 The Lower House of Parliament chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and his accompanying delegation Mirdad Khan Najrabi were attended at the 1st counter terrorism conference and connecting of regional countries in Islamabad the other day.

The conference was held by Pakistan’s Parliament in order to counter terrorism and connecting of regional countries that over six countries parliament’s chairmen were attended including Afghanistan, Iran, Chine, Russia and Turkey as well as.

Ibrahimi was the first speaker of the conference pointed in relation to counter terrorism in Afghanistan and need for the regional countries in this regard as following:

“We are at the fist line of counter terrorism and struggle against terrorists is in our priority program, so I should mention you that counter terrorism sans cooperation and coordination of regional countries will not be so effective, added, we   have two decades experience in the course of counter terrorism but still some circles are aboard that use terrorism as a   foreign policy, so, reckless for elimination of terrorists hideouts caused challenges for Afghanistan and regional countries.

Overall Ibrahimi asserted, the second factor that has not positive result in the course of counter terrorism is joining of armed forces with modern equipments with the terrorists groups that majority of them are foreigner nation that came to Afghanistan from borders not from air, so, truly and serious cooperation of the regional countries is need in this regard, otherwise this tragedy will be continued and will be reached to   all regional countries.

The second phase of conference was held in title “The Parliaments role in the seeking of joint strategy in order to counter terrorist’s threats in the region” the parliament’s chairmen spoke one by one in this regard.

Ibrahimi said, parliaments are the people’s organizations that obtained their competences form people’s support, so, the parliament’s role for making of decision is outstanding, so by holding of joint summits we can obtain an effective and accurate strategy regarding to counter terrorists threats.

Overall,  chairmen of the domestic security commission Mirdad Khan Najrabi in allegation of Mr. Larijani about Afghanistan, said I am adverse with your assertion, you mentioned that Afghanistan is a occupied  country, however the US and NATO presence is in the favor of the United Nation decision and bilateral treaty with the approval Afghanistan parliament.

Najrabi said, can we say occupy the Iran cooperation with Syria government in counter terrorism?

Likewise Najrabi rejected assertions of the deputy advisor for Pakistan prime minister about lack of cooperation with terrorists; Najrabi urged that Osama Bin Ladin, Mullah Omar and Mullah Mansor were killed in Pakistan soil that illustrates terrorists groups use the soil of Pakistan as a secure foothold in this regard.

In the sideline of the conference the Lower House of Parliament chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and his accompanying delegation  Mirdad Khan Najrabi met with the Pakistan’s parliament chairman Sardar Ayaz Sadeq as well as.

In the meeting, both sides discussed and exchanged views in relation to eager issues and emphasized for parliament’s cooperation in the course of counter terrorism, even they urged that this conference is the first step for parliament role in the course of ensuring of peace and stability in the region and connection of regional countries in different fields.

To be continued...

Translator: Mustafa Akrami, December 23, 2017