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Thursday 06 August 2020

Wolesi Jirga ratifies president’s two legislative decrees

The Lower House of Parliament on Monday’s plenary session ratified president’s two legislative decrees with majority votes.

In accordance to agenda, the president’s two legislative decrees#310 date 1397/06/14 and # 360 date 1397/12/14 in relation to amendment and adding in some materials law of the government’s cases was presented in the session by legal and judicial commission and was ratified with majority votes.


The session was held under the chairmanship of Mir Rahman Rahmani, while parliamentarians expressed their concerns regarding to the presidential elections unknown results and probable counting of doubt votes, added, continuation of delay for announcement of elections results causes deep crisis in the country.

Overall the session was attended by general director of Brishna Company Amanullah Ghaleb in order to provide details in relation to difference cost in electricity consumption and shortage of that in the country.

Parliamentarians presented their questions and suggestions in relation to difference cost for consumption of electricity in all the country’s provinces, increase of cutting of electricity and need for using of the country’s water dams.

In answer to MPs questions General Director of Brishna Company said, work is going on a draft for consumption of electricity cost and equaling the cost of electricity consumption throughout the country and will be submitted to Wolesi Jirga for the next two months.

Overall, Ghaleb reiterated that lack of sufficient budget is the main reason for lack of use from the country’s water dams, and pointed on some challenges which is facing with Brishna Company.

 Ghaleb meanwhile described that existence of debtors is the main challenges in this company, added, the amount of debt is millions Afghani.

First deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga chairman Amir Khan Yar asked from general director of Brishna Company to prepare accurate and comprehensive report about debtors and should send it to Wolesi Jirga.

Overall, a number of MPs expressed their concerns about disputes among presidential elections candidates and electoral commissions, added, this issue may cause serious problems in the country, MPs asked from presidential candidates and officials for electoral commissions do not make political issue of elections.

At the meantime, a few people representatives asked from presidential elections to respect for independency of elections commission and let them to announce final results of elections.


Moreover, parliamentarians asked from electoral commissions to separate clean and unclean votes, and should announce results of elections to be acceptable for all.

In addition, MPs asked from the country’s security forces to be impartial regarding to announcement of the presidential elections results and should consider to their duties in order to defense from the country’s national interests and ensuring of security.

 At the meantime, a number of people representatives asked from Wolesi Jirga’s lead board to assess issue of a million fraud votes and they reiterated that these votes in which constituency and by whose have been used? in order to legal punishment with them.

Overall in today’s session, varieties of issues were discussed such as need for implementing of principles domestic duties of Wolesi Jirga, criticize for continuation of caretakers’ process in governmental authorities,  criticize for increase of firewood price by arriving of winter season, concerns for increase of addicts in the country, concerns about lack of occupation for youths, need to assess issue of behavior of a  unit national army commander with military forces in Faryab province, concerns in relation to  killing of innocent people by Taliban at the path of Jalrize Maidan Wardak and criticize for lack of attention in order to elimination of Taliban from this route, need for  impartial assessment of allegation about sexual abusing of 500 school students in Logar province,  criticize for lack of payment of salaries to martyrs families since six months, need for cooperation with local police in order to ensuring of security for Zabul- Shajow  highways,  need to address for problems of Kamal Khan dam and measure for using of that,  need to address security problems of national assembly by considering of released report by domestic security commission of Wolesi Jirga, need to address for prisoners problems in Pul-e- Charkhi jail, criticize for incorrect behavior with protestors in front of the Independent Elections Commission(IEC) gate in Kunduz province, criticize for existence of injustice at the Shaheen military unit and deprived of particular ethnic from privileges, criticize for lack of presence of some ministers to their offices  on meeting days with MPs and criticize for lack of payment of salaries for staffs of IEC in Badakhshan province.

In connection to presidential elections Rahmani said, current condition particular the elections condition is worrying, added, the elections results should be assessed transparently by electoral commissions in order to be acceptable for all sides.


 The Wolesi Jirga chairman reiterated that existence disputes regarding to elections should not motivated to political issue and asked from presidential elections candidates to avoid from any assertions which causes sedition.

Overall, Rahmani asked from the country’s security forces to be impartial regarding to elections issues.

Likewise, the house speaker asked from relevant commission to investigate the issue of dispatching of a staff by government to United Arab Emirates.

In relation to problems at the Shaheen military unit Rahmani instructed that the mentioned issue should be submitted as written to the administrative board of Wolesi Jirga in order to investigation  about that.

Overall, the Wolesi Jirga chairman instructed that issue of lack of payment of salaries for IEC staffs in Badakhshan province and prisoners’ problems should be addressed.

In relation to peace process and role of Wolesi Jirga in this regard, Rahmani said, this issue will be shared in chairmen committee in order to discuss in plenary session.

Translator: Mustafa Akrami, November 18, 2019