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Tuesday 26 January 2021

Khalid Asad Biography

Name: Khalid

Last name: Asad

Father name:  Haji Akbar Khan

Date of birth: 1982(1361)

Place of birth: Omar Ankhil village, Sharnay center of Paktia province

Native language: Dari and Pashto

Preliminary education:  Ali Baba high school in Sharnay center of Paktia province, 1993- 2005 Estiqlal High School

Education degree: Bachelor of law and master of international relation

Marital status: Married

Constituency: Paktia province

Work experience:  He has participated  at the national and   international trade conferences in different countries  due to this  he has been known as national businessman and even had  formal  and informal  trip to Asian and European countries, Khalid Asad always have cooperated and  assisted to people in Paktia province and continues his cooperation with people.

Email: khalid2.asad@gmail.com

Phone: 0700160718/0787711776