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Tuesday 26 January 2021

Biography  of Hon’ble Haji Sayed Mohammad Dawood Nasiri

MP of Daikundi Province in the  Lower House 17th legislative Term of the Wolesi Jirga of the National Assembly of Afghanistan,


ex- MP of Daikundi (Member of Lower House) during 16th legislative Term of the Wolesi Jirga of National Assembly of Afghanistan


ex- elected Senator of Daikundi(Member of Upper House)  during 15th period of the Legislative Term of the Meshrano Jirga of National Assembly of Afghanistan


 Early Life

  Haji Sayed Mohmmad Dawood  Nasiri  was born in 1957 in a wealthy Sadat family in Afghanistan. He belongs to the Sadat tribe. He spent his childhood in the Kijran District, Daikundi Province.

Mr. Nasiri completed his primary and secondary education at Kijran District in Daikundi  Province. He also studied Islamic theology.

  In 2016, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science from the Bakhatar University in Kabul.

    Mr. Nasiri is a man of tremendous intellect, talent, capacity and he is gifted with a cheerful personality. He is extremely articulate in speech and expression and bears a persuasive and mature personality. He is emotionally stable and intellectually capable.

Political Career

   Mr. Nasiri joined the Mahaz Mili (National front Party of Afghanistan. He served as the Commander for the Mujahideen, who at the time were fighting to expel Soviet Army troops during the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1982–1989).

  After the downfall of the Taliban in late 2001, he served the elders and seniors  of Daikundi province and played an important role in maintaining peace and security.   he advocated people‘s rights and worked for local governance.

  On 2006, Hon’ble Nasiri Elected as Senator of Daikundi Province to Upper house of Afghanistan and he served till 2011. During his term, he admitted hundreds of young students to Rahman Baba and Khushal khan High Schools. He worked hard to educate several young children to save their lives from dark and hard times.

  On 2010, he registered as a candidate for the 2010 Afghan Lower House election. His campaign focused on Reconstruction of schools, universities, roads and bridges, the eradication of poverty, employment opportunities for citizens under a dynamic economy, raising standards of living, providing scholarships opportunities, strengthening police capacities and maintaining peace and security in Daikundi.

    On 2010, after the audit results, he won majority of the popular votes and was subsequently declared as the Member of Lower House by the Independent Election Commission.  At present he as a Member of the Lower house of Afghanistan’s Parliament.

Nasiri has attended to United Kingdom as an official delegate of the Lower House with related protections of Refuges and internally displaced people who seek asylum, and Switzerland with regard to Contemporary Situations of Afghanistan.

Nasiri  has attended various ceremonies, Graduations, national conferences and he has also involved himself in burning political discussions in the press and media

His experience has provided him with an intimate understanding of all political and complicated issues in Afghanistan. He has shown the ability to clearly articulate a well analysed argument and present them well to his audience. A clear grasp of reality and the ability to reason logically seem to come naturally to him.


  He has been a Member of upper house during 15th of the National Assembly  also Member of Lower House of Afghanistan during 16th  period , he has played an important role in solving complicated litigations, both judicial and extra Judicial. He has carried out extensive reforms, with regard to transparency and accountability between government and citizens.

During his term as the member of Commission on complaints and Petitions he played a key role in the prevention of nepotism and corruption by government officials and warlord-like local commanders and doctorial orders. His reform policies focused on poverty eradication and the establishment of citizenship rights, transparency, and protections of citizen’s right against Government officials.

He has always directed special attention towards the education of the youth; he has provided more than 100 scholarships to Daikundi students who are pursuing their education in Egypt, Turkey and India.

His dedication, punctuality and hardworking nature keep him well ahead of his peers. He also maintains a very strong rapport with his peers and is a team player. All the other  Members of the Lower house and his fellow Politicians hold him in high regard.

Personal Life

Nasiri is married and has 7 children. At presently lives in Kabul, Afghanistan

Mr. Nasiri  has lived a bitter life during which he has nasiri experienced the death of father at the hands of the Cruel people who are following Soviet Union Policy in Afghanistan. Shahid Sayed Ayob Shah was bright, kind, brave man, and had excellent prospects, with a strong desire to serve his People. Unfortunately, he has moved on toward a perpetual journey.

Email: sayedqudrathashimy@gmail.com &  nasiri.daikundimp@gmail.com