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Friday 24 September 2021

Weekly Agenda

Monday, Jawza 03, 1400: 1-  Questioning of acting Finance Minister in relation to hiring of individuals  affiliated to  government’s officials, political leaders and powerful persons.

2- Presenting of report by dispatched delegation of defensive affairs commission to Behsod district of Maidan Wardak province.

Wednesday, Jawza 05, 1400:  Discussion and voting over amendment and addition in some materials of law on translation affairs and certification of official documents.

2- Discussion and voting on President’s legislative document# (260) date 1396/12/12, in relation to amendment of some materials of annex# (1) for criminal enforcement law.

3- Discussion and voting over President’s legislative decree# (45) date 1398/12/15 in relation to law on Supreme Audit Office.

Monday, Jawza 10, 1400: Discussion and voting over draft law on metrology (Weights and Scales).

2- Discussion and voting on Wolesi Jirga’s members draft in relation to assessment law on conformity of legislative documents with Afghanistan’s constitution.

Wednesday, Jawza 12, 1400: Discussion and voting on President’s legislative document# (267) date 1396/12/13, in relation to annex# (2) for criminal enforcement law regarding to alternatives to imprisonment.

2- Discussion and voting on President’s legislative documents# (311) date 1397/06/14, in relation to amendment material of (10 and 12) annex # (1) for criminal enforcement law.

Monday, Jawza 17, 1400: Summoning of transport minister in relation to duty negligence regarding to fire at the country’s customs and Northern gates of Kabul city, illegal  appointments at the ministry and lack of respect to the Nation House and law.