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Friday 24 September 2021

Varieties of issues were discussed in today’s commissions

The Commission on Domestic Affairs and National Security chaired by Khan Agha Rezayee, early afternoon Sunday.

Initially in today’s session, comprehensive discussion took place over the country’s defensive and security conditions and each one presented their views regarding to security challenges and the fall of districts in different provinces of the country.

Overall, the commission members discussed in relation to appointing of new officials at the defensive and security sectors.

In accordance to agenda, discussion took place over amendments on law for regulation of prisons affairs and decision was made that officials for Justice Ministry should be invited in commission to provide details in relation to the aforementioned law.

Likewise in today’s session, MPs discussed on President’s legislative decree#(171) in relation to amendment articles 26  law on formation and competence of the judicial force and it was rejected with majority votes.

At the end of the session, comprehensive discussion took place over received letters and petitions and for next executions necessary instructions were given to the relevant authorities.

The Commission on Immunity, Rights and MPs privileges was held under the chairmanship of deputy of commission, Sayed Muhammad Sediq Hassanzada, on Sunday early afternoon.

 Initially, discussion took place in relation to regulation trips of MPs in holidays and coordination with the security organs in accordance to part (7, 11, and 15) of the bill for duties of immunity, rights and MPs privileges commission’s and ensuring of security for lawmakers during the holidays.

 Overall in today’s session, discussion took place in relation to absence of some MPs in plenary and commissions’ sessions and for solving of the problem, decision was made that the issue should be discussed in plenary session.

At the end of the session, MPs discussed on received petition letters.

The Commission on Health and Physical Education chaired by Dr. Yar Baz Khan Hameedi, on Sunday early afternoon.

In accordance to agenda, discussion took place in relation to lack of payment of salaries for medical personal in center and provinces, lack of payment by construction companies and debts of the ministry of public health from private sector, because of that the public health deputy minister for finance and administrative affairs was invited in today’s session to provide details, but lack of his presence in today’s session was faced with serious criticize of MPs.

Overall, varieties of issues were discussed in today’s session.

Translator: Mustafa Akrami, June 20, 2021